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Stevie with PSV U19 in Youth League

Stevie actie

Stevie with PSV U19 in Youth League

Yesterday Steven Bergwijn played the first match with PSV U19 in the Youth League against Manchester United U19. Unfortunately, they lost the match in Eindhoven with 3-0.

‘Apart from losing it was a great experience to play against a club like Manchester United. Such matches are extra special compared to the regular competition games. Although Man U is a big club with a good status, they didn’t play as good as we would expect them to play this match. They didn’t play offensive but were devious. This was still was effective because they won the match. For the return we definitely have some chances to win.’

The first team of PSV, where Steven usually is a part of, won against Manchester United with 2-1. ‘A really good start of the Champions League for us!’ said Steven.

In the second match of the group stage PSV will face CSKA Moscow on 30 September in Moscow.

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